The Marlon Show
Modern, playful, passionate, energy and filled with optimism, The Marlon Show, presented by Marlon Jimenez-Compton, is a show of music, optimism and passion.

Mike @ the Mic
Mike Purcell presents a magazine programme with a selection of music - most of which seems to have disappeared from the airwaves - and memories of Dundrum in the old days from local historian Jim Nolan’s 1987 book ‘The Changing Face of Dundrum’ Humorous poems sit in with ‘Stories behind the Dublin Places’ we think we know, and ‘How DNA Works’ moves on to ‘Lady Lavery on our Banknotes’ Or ‘William Dargan, the man who made our Railways’ who lived in Mt. Anville, and helped to found the National Gallery (his statue is outside it…..) The Dubliners and Ronnie drew are well represented, often with little stories to go with the track, and maybe a recitation by Brendan Cauldwell…Mike at the Mike – something unexpected every week.

Wellbeing For Everyday Life
Wellbeing for Everyday Life celebrates the trojan work of ordinary people who are committed to developing themselves and their community, and contributing productively to wider society. Presenter Maeve Halpin, who works as a Counselling Psychologist, interviews guests to tell their own stories in their own words, sharing both the joys and tribulations of the initiatives they undertake. The tremendous creativity, determination and passion of people who commit to developing their talents in order to contribute to others shines through in this programme. The guests' personal stories provide inspiration, motivation and self-belief for listeners who are contemplating making a change in their lives.

The Sandyford Shedders
Ireland's first and only radio programme hosted by members of the Men's Shed.

Apna Radio with Siraj
Apna Radio started way back in 1990 on Dublin’s Community Radio airwaves. The first of its kind, the show is produced, edited and presented by ex BBC Radio World Service trained broadcaster Siraj Zaidi. Apna Radio is about the South East Asian Community’s current affairs and culture, covering the range of music from the Indian subcontinent - Classical, Sufi, Qawwali, and the main stream contemporary and Indian cinema music affectionately known as Bollywood Music. It also celebrates and commemorates appropriate calendar events throughout the years each week, such as various religious and cultural festivals and the National Independent and Republic days on the radio.


Midweek Mix
Our Midweek Mix slot features four terrific programmes:

An Entrepreneur Like You, presented by Dr Lollie Mancey highlights the successes of young entrepreneurs, and female entrepreneurship in Ireland.

Dublin's Historic South, presented by historian Laura Fitzachary, explores the townlands of South Dublin. Each month a different part of the southside is featured and its history discussed. With a focus on social history, delve into the past of this part of the county.

Maritime Ireland is designed to be a reflective, informative and entertaining programme about maritime matters. Tom MacSweeney explores Ireland's history through its relationship with coast, sea and the oceans around us. The connection between Ireland and the sea is as old as time itself for this island nation.

Community Connection is produced in collaboration with the DLR Public Participation Network, and it aims to bring together people throughout the Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown area to share their stories and encourage the community to get involved in any way they can.




Southside Players
Peter Leonard talks to a range of people from Dublin's southside who are involved in our cultural, sporting, arts, business and charitable organisations, who as a result of their roles, make very important contributions to our community.

Dramatic Dublin
Alison MacCarvill presents Dramatic Dublin, featuring news, reviews, and interviews with people involved with local theatre in South Dublin and beyond.

Patrick Daly presents Interlinks, a programme about supply chain. globalisation and technology and how they shape our modern world. There is a little bit of history, a dash of economics, a sprinkling of business and an overlay of personal experience both from Patrick and his interviewees from around the world.

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Ult Cruze
TobiThaRadioguy hosts Ult Cruze, the show that promotes new African music & lifestyle across the globe.


New Irish Music Hour
Each week on the New Irish Music Hour, Eoin & Rob will bring you the most exciting emerging talent in Irish music.
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