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• Over 307,000 people listen to Community Radio in the Republic of Ireland every week.

• 37% of people stated that their reason for listening was "local voices, local people".

• 22% of people surveyed stated they listen because Community Radio is diverse, inclusive and they "hear something I don't hear anywhere else".

(RedC Survey)

Advertise your business on YOUR local access Community Radio Station Dublin South 93.9fm.

Dublin South 93.9 FM operates in a catchment area that covers the South Dublin area. The core target area has a resident population of over 90,000 with an estimated additional 50,000 working within the area. With a younger than average population the community comprises a diverse ethnical mix within a small, distinct geographical area. We are very successful on social media and our online presence is increasing every month.

Let Dublin South FM help to build your business or tell local people about your activities.

Dublin South FM can also script and produce your ad for you.

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