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There are big changes ahead for Dundrum village following the sale of the old Shopping Centre and its imminent redevelopment. Learn more and share your views at the Imagine Dundrum Open Meeting.  Imagine Dundrum is a community initiative that has come together to ensure that local people will have a say in the redevelopment. This entirely voluntary group are holding an Open Meeting in Taney Parish Centre, Dundrum on Thursday, June 15th at 7.30pm, and people from Dundrum and the surrounding area are urged to attend.

The aim of the Imagine Dundrum group is to enable the local community to come together to influence the future of Dundrum. The group has been working as a community hub, making links and connections with people across the Dundrum area, and building local support. They have a community-focused vision for Dundrum’s built environment, and want to work in collaboration with the County Council, with all interested local organisations, businesses and individuals and with the developers, to share that vision and help make it a reality.

Imagine Dundrum has already met with and begun to build a communication network with many local Residents’ Associations and interested citizens, with businesses, public representatives, and all who share the commitment to ensuring that our Dundrum village will be a place that engenders civic pride and connects people.

The Imagine Dundrum group believes that any plans for Dundrum’s renewal must take account of the village’s history, its past economic and social development, and its rich heritage of buildings.  The group wants to advocate for people-centred town planning, where every-day public spaces are designed and planned to foster and nurture thriving, inclusive communities, and where civic, community and cultural space is prioritised. They want to restore a strong sense of place and make sure that Dundrum will be an attractive and thriving place to live, work and play.

The Open Meeting on June 15th will be an opportunity for local people to hear more about the work of Imagine Dundrum, and to think creatively and share ideas about the future of our village.

Learn more about the upcoming changes planned for Dundrum village and have your say at the Open Meeting on Thursday, 15th June 2017 at Taney Parish Centre, Dundrum.

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